Welcome back

Good morning Rosebank, firstly welcome back to Term 4! Please keep an eye on this page and our website as we have such a busy term ahead of us. Just a couple of reminders –
In Alert level 1 we would still like to encourage the following good health and safety practices:
– Regular hand washing (before and after food, returning from the bathroom, or when coming in from break)
– No sharing of food. (Class parties will be organised between families and the teacher. Be safe and sensible).
– Try to bring a drink bottle (taps are open now, but try to use it for filling up bottles.)
– Try and maintain social distancing where necessary and safe.
– If you are sick, please stay home.
– Students have the option to bring masks if they wish.
Drop off / Pick up
We have found, (as have all other schools in New Zealand), that over the past weeks, our children have developed great self-management skills and independence through our drop-off and pick-up procedures.
Student independence is high
Student organisation and self-management have improved
There is virtually no separation anxiety
Relationships with teachers and students have strengthened
Less traffic congestion around the gates, especially at drop-off
Less/no noise outside the classrooms during learning time, particularly at the end of the day when it can be very distracting
As we have moved into Alert Level 1, entry to the school grounds will remain at 8.20am onwards for students until 8:50am. Pick up will still be at 3pm from gates A & B if parents can still make arrangements to meet at the gate.
We encourage parents as much as possible to continue with the ‘good-bye at the gate’.
We would also like to be clear that you are more than welcome to visit the classroom before or after school, but if you can please book a time with the teacher and sign in at the office. SMT will always be available during the school day, but a booking will ensure that you are seen at a time that best suits you.
At pick-up time parents, currently, you will still be able to wait in the staff car park area beside Eastdale reserve. If you have arranged an alternative pick-up point please continue as this has proved to be very helpful in terms of the congestion around the school.
EXIT A: by the junior gates
EXIT B: the majority of the school will come out onto Eastdale reserve by the Samoan Fale gates (directly facing Eastdale park)
Thank you for your understanding and support with our new normal.