Scholastic Book Orders

For over 50 years Scholastic has been working with New Zealand schools to bring you the best in children’s literature and help get Kiwi children excited about books and reading. Rosebank School is proud to participate in this partnership which gives your children the opportunity to purchase books for their own libraries and encourage them to become lifelong readers.We will send brochures home with your child. Our preference is for parents to order and pay for Book Club online directly with Scholastic’s Linked Online Ordering and Payment (LOOP). 
Download the App for Apple or Android or go to
There is no need to fill out any forms, please do not return anything to school.
Your completed order will be delivered to school and sent home with your child. Here is the link to register with our school
Click on Register and follow the instructions… for all enquires please call 0800 266 525.
Our School will be rewarded with 20% rebate for all purchases, this will help to further resource our school. 
Thank you for your support